Products & Treatments

We provide a range of quality footcare products to promote healthy feet.

  • Compression Stockings

    Gradient compression stockings are designed to remedy impaired musculovenous pump performance caused by incompetent leg vein valves. They are woven in such a way that the compression level is highest at the ankle and gradually lessen towards the top of the stocking. Compression stockings are prescribed for those who are prone to edema (swelling), cramping, painful varicose veins, getting blood clots and blood pooling in the legs, ankles and feet from prolonged periods of inactivity. Compression stockings are offered in different levels of compression. An assessment of your legs and feet needs to be conducted in order to determine if compression stockings are necessary and what compression level is best suited for you. For more information about compression stockings, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Ingrown Nail Surgery

    Chronic cases of ingrown toenails can be treated with permanent removal of the ingrown nail edge. For the procedure, the toe will need to be anesthetized. The procedure involves removal of the ingrown nail edge and phenol is applied to kill the nail matrix in order to prevent nail regrowth. After the procedure, the toe is cleaned and dressed. During the period that the toe heals, the toe is regularly cleaned and dressed with a topical antibiotic and bandage. For more information on ingrown toenail surgery, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Extracorporeal / radial shockwave treatment

    Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy machineExtracorporeal Shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a fast and gentle non-surgical method of alleviating pain. ESWT can be an effective treatment for pain relief from chronic heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. EWST involves no surgery, no anesthesia, no injections and no medications.

    What is ESWT?

    ESWT delivers pneumatically generated high-pressure shock waves that travel through the surface of the skin. Inflamed soft tissue and bone calcifications that receive these highenergy pulses will heal stronger and quicker without any harm to the surrounding tissues. Electricity is not sent into the body. High-energy pulsations of ultrasonic waves stimulate the body’s natural self-healing process.

    What does the treatment involve?

    The procedure is performed in the office. Our Chiropodist will examine your foot and locate the painful area of your foot. Ultrasonic transmission gel is applied to the foot and the hand piece is positioned gently and extensively to transmit shockwaves over the injured area. Your feedback is used to determine the fine positioning of the applicator and the measurement of the impulse frequency. Once you are comfortable at a low level, the energy is gradually increased over several minutes.

    How many treatments are required and how soon will I see results?

    ESWT requires four to six weekly sessions. Marked pain relief is typically observed in 2 weeks after the second treatment, with continued healing occurring 12 weeks after treatment.

  • Bunion brace

    Wearing a bunion brace can help to provide pain relief, prevent rubbing between overlapping toes and stretch out tight muscles while preventing the progression of bunions. A bunion brace can be worn during normal activities throughout the day and at night during sleep. For more information on bunion bracing, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Ankle brace

    Ankle brace is externally applied and intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for instability or correct deformities. Ankle brace are commonly used in the treatment of disorders that affect muscle function such as stroke, spinal cord injury, muscle dystrophy, congenital acquired flatfoot and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. The ankle brace can be used to provide support to a weak ankle or to position a limb with tightly contracted muscles into a more normal position. Also, the ankle brace can be used to immobilize the ankle and foot in the presence of arthritis, fracture and to support a drop foot. For more information on ankle bracing, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Orthopaedic Shoes

    Orthopaedic shoes are footwear that provide support and pain relief for people suffering with pain in the lower legs, ankles, or feet. Historically, the shoes are designed with an eye more towards function than fashion. Fortunately, orthopaedic footwear of today is more appealing than the selections in the past years. While many people assume that only the elderly wear orthopaedic shoes, the fact is that the orthopaedic shoes are worn by people of all ages. McCowan Foot Clinic offers a variety of orthopaedic footwear that comes in a variety of different styles, width and depth from these brands of orthopaedic shoes. For more information on orthopaedic footwear, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Custom-made shoes

    It can be difficult to find a pair of well fitting, comfortable shoes if your feet have been affected by trauma, deformity or disease. Custom-made shoes differ from the shoes that you can buy at the store as they are specially made to conform to the unique shape of your foot. It is important to have appropriate footwear as wearing improper shoes can lead to irritation, pain and the development of corns, calluses and ulcerations to the feet. For more information about custom-made shoes, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Biomechanical assessment and examination

    A biomechanical assessment and examination allows the Chiropodist to examine the structure, alignment and motion of the joints of your lower limbs in order to identify any abnormalities. In addition, a stance and gait analysis can be conducted to further identify any biomechanical issues. Having a better underlying of the biomechanics of your legs and feet are important for finding the cause of your problem and creating a treatment plan individually suited to your needs. For more information, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.

  • Custom-made orthotics

    Orthotics (orthoses) are orthopaedic devices that support, accommodate or correct the function of the foot or limbs. Custom-made orthotics are made to help correct any misalignment in the foot, improve a person’s posture or alleviate pain in the foot or leg. Custom orthotics are different from over-the-counter inserts that you can buy at any store because they are specially made to conform to the unique shape of your foot.

    A biomechanical assessment, stance and gait analysis of your legs and feet will be conducted by a Chiropodist before it can be determined what biomechanical issues need to be addressed with orthotic use. A report of the biomechanical assessment and gait analysis is accepted by most insurance for orthotic coverage.

    If Orthotic therapy is needed, a non-weight bearing STS plaster cast of both your feet in a subtalar joint neutral position or a 3D scanner will be taken and use for orthotic fabrication. It is important to have proper footwear when wearing the custom-made orthotics. Once the orthotics are ready, you will be scheduled for an orthotic dispensing appointment by the Chiropodist. An office follow-up appointment or a phone follow-up will be scheduled in four weeks to monitor your progress with the orthotics.

  • Laser Surgery: Treatment for Fungal Toenails and Plantar Warts

    Fox Arc LaserTo treat fungal toenails, the laser is used to reach the infected nail bed in order to eradicate the nail fungus and inhibit further growth. Depending on the severity of the nail fungus, up to three or more treatments at four-week intervals may be necessary.

    To treat plantar warts, local anesthesia is given and the laser is used to eradicate the wart and inhibit further growth. Depending on the severity of the wart, another treatment at a four-week interval may be necessary. Generally, patients can resume their normal activity after receiving the laser surgery. For more information about laser surgery, you can contact us at 416-299-1508.