Choosing proper shoes

In addition to having good feet hygiene, we need to wear well fitting shoes to ensure that our feet stay healthy and comfortable. Women have about four times as many foot problems as men and lifelong use of inappropriate shoes such as high heels are the primary cause.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you when selecting footwear.

  • It’s best to purchase your shoes later in the day when your feet tend to swell a bit after a long day of walking and standing
  • Have your feet measured every time you purchase shoes and do it while standing
  • When you try on shoes, try them on both feet as many people have one larger foot than the other and it’s best to fit the larger one
  • Your shoes should have enough length, width and depth to fit your foot and toes
  • It is best to purchase shoes with a rounded toe box while avoiding shoes with a pointy and narrow toe box that can pinch the toes
  • If your feet has a lower arch, it is best to select shoes with arch support
  • If your feet has a higher arch, it is best to select shoes with cushioning in the sole
  • Gently break-in new shoes
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes or shoes with a high heel height
  • Wear socks with shoes to avoid blisters
  • Avoid walking barefoot even when indoors and always wear a pair of indoor shoes to protect you from stepping on any sharp objects or picking up any infections